Do not expect to fight or learn “fighting” techniques immediately. You must learn what you can  do and how to do it, first. Then, you will learn when to do it. This is achieved through Katas (choreographed combinations of stances, blocks, strikes, etc.).

This is not a quick fix class. What you learn will require your time and patience to develop. Self-defense, weight loss, conditioning, and discipline all require time. Those self-defense classes are good introductions to the Arts. If you don’t practice the “moves” you were taught, they will not work. The different Martial Arts “styles” were developed from self-defense “techniques”. Over the years they were developed into katas.

“You must clear your mind of everything. What you need will then fill the void.”

By practicing Martial Arts you “create” a time to look at yourself. Since Martial Arts are about perfecting (the stance, the block, the strike, the movement, the kata, the breathe, Etc.), you must look at yourself to correct any mistakes. This carries over into the rest of your Life, because you learn to look at what mistakes you have made or are making now and seek to correct them. This is what makes a true Martial Artist.

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