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9 Reasons to Put Your Kid  into Karate Class…Like Now!

Martial arts is one of those things that have obvious benefits. Those benefits are especially significant for kids because they can shape the type of person they grow into and the type of life end up with. The really cool thing about these benefits is that they work universally. Whether a child is hyper, or shy, a bully, too bossy or just has a little less confidence than their peers, they will still reap the benefits of practicing Karate under an experienced, caring instructor.

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, I urge you to come by our Dojo and see how much fun our young practitioners are having while at the same time learning the basics of an art form that’s been for centuries and growing into the best possible version of themselves. I know, that’s a huge claim. But it’s one I make easily and honestly without hesitation because that’s what happens when the 7 benefits listed below take effect in a person’s life. Whether that person be 10 or 40, The outcome is the same across the board.  Read more…

9 Reasons Your Kids Should Join Karate Blog 12 Reasons Karate is Better For Your Kid Than Team Sports

I grew up in a typical mid-American  household. I played basketball football and baseball, at school, for summer leagues and at home with my buddies. I’m not here to bash any of those sports. This isn’t the 70’s though and things have changed. So I’m here to highlight for you the advantages for your child of  Karate over those traditional team sports. Most traditional team sports do instill some character development and physical education but none encompasses that like a traditional martial art. Like Karate. Read more…

12 Reasons How Karate Training Can  Help Kids with ADD/ADHD

It seems Like I’ve heard something about kids with developmental or behavior issues can be a handful.  Well that hasn’t been the case in the Karate Dojo that I train at. We’ve actually found that Martial Arts can be a form of natural and highly effective “medication” for these kids. And now there’s actual evidence to back that up.  Read more…

Karate for ADHD Kids Top 10 Reasons All Women  Should Study Karate

I’ve met some great people in the realm of Karate. A lot of those people were the amazing women I train with. I have my own reasons for studying Karate as I’m sure everyone does. Some of those reasons transcend gender and are equally beneficial regardless of gender. Things like development of character, promotion of healthy lifestyle changes, improved awareness of your own body, and an increased respect for other practitioners.

10 Reasons Women Should Study Karate