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9 Reasons to Put Your Kid  into Karate Class…Like Now!

Martial arts is one of those things that have obvious benefits. Those benefits are especially significant for kids because they can shape the type of person they grow into and the type of life they end up with. The really cool thing about these benefits is that they work universally. Whether a child is hyper, or shy, a bully, too bossy or just has a little less confidence than their peers, they will still reap the benefits of practicing Karate under an experienced, caring instructor.

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, I urge you to come by our Dojo and see how much fun our young practitioners are having while at the same time learning the basics of an art form that’s been around for centuries and growing into the best possible version of themselves. I know, that’s a huge claim. But it’s one I make easily and honestly without hesitation because that’s what happens when the 9 benefits listed below take effect in a person’s life. Whether that person be 10 or 40, The outcome is the same across the board.

Why not start with the most obvious reason first. Nobody wants their kid to get beat up. If it comes to fisticuffs on the playground, you want your kid to be able to defend themselves from serious harm. With a few months of karate drills under their belt, they’ll be able to do just that. At our dojo, we teach our students not to take the first punch…but some of the blocks we learn could cause an attacker to pull back a nub.

On the other hand, no one wants their kid to be the obnoxious class bully. One thing all bullies have in common is a lack of humility. They see their victims as less than them and therefore not worthy or even deserving of torment. Karate drills and disciplines can quickly bring the humility out of even the toughest kid.

In Martial Arts, a battle is like a game of chess. It’s strategic and well thought out. It’s based on responding to a situation, as in acknowledging what is occurring, considering a list of options, and choosing the one that is best suited for your own well-being. As opposed to reacting to a situation, which is taking action based on the emotion generated by the occurrence. Usually anger or fear.

We teach our students that there is no such thing as fighting words. Something someone says is not grounds for a physical altercation. We almost always have the option to walk away if we choose to.  The ability to deescalate a situation is an acquired skill that we hold in high regard.

I know what you’re thinking, of course  everyone knows how to breathe, they’re alive right? Well the breathing I’m referring to is more like accessing your oxygen reserves in order to exert the most physical energy and refilling the reserves systematically.

All athletes, actors, singers or any other person that performs physical activities for a duration of time will tell you, breathing is one of the most important things they had to learn to do in order to execute their craft as effectively as possible.

Indeed, nothing is more essential to the success of how we move our body than tapping into the life force of our essence - our breathing.

Parents with hyper active kids have become some of our biggest fans. You know how when you take a kid to a party and then later on, bedtime seems to be less of a fight because they wore themselves out? Well imagine that every night they go to class.  Not only are they still from fatigue but also from training. To be able to focus on technique during the drill they must still their minds and they learn to do that pretty quickly, even the young ones. We believe in the 3 over 1 principle. Stances, blocks and strikes over spirit. Practicing stances requires standing still in a locked position for a significant length of time. These  kiddos master stillness, mentally and physically.

Martial arts builds confidence on the principle idea of conscience competence. Which means you are competent at something and you are aware of your competence…which gives you confidence.  

We build this competence with the 2 things no one can take away, knowledge and experience. The knowledge of what to do, and how to do it effectively combined with the experience of having done it many times over and over again.

That along with the knowledge that the person standing next to you has been through the same exercises that you have allows you to share a mutual respect instead of being cocky.

Childhood obesity is a real thing. It’s caused by 2 things, lack of activity and an unhealthy diet. Most children’s metabolisms are so fast that bumping up the level of activity would compensate for a poor diet and they’d still stay in shape. Kids are lucky like that.

Putting them in a sport is a great way to keep them active. Unlike any other sport, Putting them in karate classes is like a combination of yoga, aerobics and strength training. They get as much activity as they can handle and they’ll be learning a valuable skill on top of it.

Let’s face it. Some of our kids today are a little soft. Yes it’s our fault as overprotective parents but maybe we’re doing them a disservice. What if your kid has never taken a hit and gets into a squabble with one of those unruly kids with no parenting. What if you’re kid has never learned to fall safely (yea we teach that) and they slip on stairs and take a tumble.

Most of the time, not letting a hit completely throw you off is enough to keep it from disabling you. Once kids reach a certain level of training, not for beginners, they’ll have the opportunity to spar with others in a very safe and supervised environment, learning to take and deliver a hit.

Have you ever wanted your body to do something that you know it’s capable of but it just wouldn’t cooperate? Well that’s basically what we put our students through on a daily basis. The ability to get your body to do what your mind is telling it to do is an asset for anyone at any age. It helps with coordination, injury recovery, and so many other things.

Our students learn through drills and repetition to first believe its possible and then to get their bodies to start to work with them instead of against them. Then before you know it, moving in ways that used to  be uncommon is now completely  normal for them.

People take their Martial Arts seriously. Parents as well as practitioners. The moms and dads are not only just as dedicated as a soccer mom or dad that coaches the local team, they are often practitioners themselves.

So the community and camaraderie amongst Martial Arts enthusiasts and students is shared and respected across all disciplines.  There’s an understanding that is known throughout Martial Arts communities of how hard you’ve worked, how hard you still must work and the things you’ve accomplished with each belt test. And the respect is shared mutually across both genders and in some cases even more so for females.

We know there are a ton of Martial Arts schools in Louisville. All offering different types of Martial Arts. Our school is different, we are a family. I mean…literally. And we treat every student like a member of the Covington family. You and your child will feel welcomed as soon as you walk in to your first class. Class is free for the  first 2 weeks. We want you to be sure that we’re a perfect fit. There’s no contracts or payment agreements to sign because we trust in the atmosphere of our dojo and the integrity of our training to keep you interested. Come by for a visit anytime or sign up for classes by clicking the button.


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