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I grew up in a typical mid-American  household. I played basketball, football and baseball, at school, for summer leagues and at home with my buddies. I’m not here to bash any of those sports. This isn’t the 70’s though and things have changed. So I’m here to highlight for you the advantages for your child of  Karate over those traditional team sports. Most traditional team sports do instill some character development and physical education, but none encompasses that like a traditional Martial Art. Like Karate.

1. No one Sits on the Bench

I’m not a fan of participation trophies and that’s mainly because of my Martial Arts experiences.  In traditional sports you have tryouts. If you’re not one of the bigger or stronger contenders, you don’t make the team. In some cases, as long as you pay your membership dues, you get to be on the team but you’re not going to  get to play.

In Karate, everyone is a beginner. The only people on the bench are the parents. Everyone learns the same things at their own pace. No one is expected to keep up with anyone else and everyone excels… legitimately. Children that are athletically inclined Martial Arts bring their full potential to fruition.

2. You can Watch or Participate

Karate is advantageous for everyone. Regardless of your current level of fitness, mobility or physical education, you qualify to begin Karate training. We’ve had members with missing limbs excel at Karate. The only limit really is your attitude.

3. Karate makes them Bully-Proof

Of course your child will learn self-defense. They will essentially become the neighborhood bully’s worst nightmare. Now, if your child is the neighborhood bully, you might be hesitant to put them in Karate thinking that they’d be more of a bully.  That’s not the case. With traditional karate training, one of the first principles that is instilled in all students is humility.  They’ll quickly learn that the smallest person in class very well may be the real bada**!

4. They’re Self-Esteem Will Grow

With each class, your child will learn new techniques, get better at the ones they know and they’ll be acknowledged for the growth. This does wonders for their self-esteem. They’ll start to believe in their own capabilities more and more. Their instructor’s encouragement will boost them even more and this confidence will stay with them even when they’re not in class.

5. Belts

Other sports have trophies and so does Karate. But Karate also has a recognized system worldwide for achievement and growth. It is the belt and ranking system. When your child reaches the point where they start taking belt tests,they learn to see a goal everyday and work in each class to get closer and closer to achieving that goal. Most importantly, they get to achieve it over and over again.

6. Self-Discipline

To study Martial Arts effectively requires significant self-discipline. Fortunately, Karate also inevitably teaches self-discipline. Without even realizing it, your child will be instilled with a drive to persevere, a drive to achieve and a willingness to put in the effort to continue to grow.

7. Respect for Others

Karate class starts and ends with bowing, which in and of itself is a humbling expression of respect. Doing just that over and over, with each and every class teaches students  to be respectful. They also address each of their instructors as “Sensei”, with “yes, Sensei” and “no Sensei”, which also instills respect.

8. Gender Equality

Karate training may seem to be a sport for boys because it implies fighting. But that is two misconceptions in one. Our kids classes and our adult classes are almost equal gender wise. And Karate isn’t about fighting. It’s about, fitness, physical education, flexibility, etc. Karate is one of few sports where boys and girls get to play together.

9. Year Round Training

When your kids are truly passionate about what they’re doing, you want them to have the opportunity to do it year round. You also don’t want to have to look for something else for them to do during the off-season. Karate solves that problem. It’s not a seasonal sport. And, if your child likes to compete, they have the opportunity to compete all year.

10. Athletic Development

Most sports develop particular muscles and children are forced to resort to gym training to develop other, under-utilized muscles. Karate develops every muscle group in the body, even the ones most people rarely use or may not even be aware of, as well as the typical groups that other sports focus on.

12. Karate is Global

Karate is a global sport, with a global community and global recognition. All over the country and all over the world, traveling with a Gi in your luggage is always a great idea. Having the opportunity to walk into any dojo and be welcomed to join the class.

Open your child up to a new world, a new interest. Let them explore all that Karate training has to offer. If you are in the Louisville Kentucky area, come visit us at Kentuckiana Shotokan. Sit in on a class or just watch. Experience the camraderie we share and the fun we have. You can come free the first two weeks, just make sure its a great fit for you and your child.  Or if you’re decision is made, click the button below and sign up. First 2 weeks are on us!

11. Weight Loss

Of course every sport is good exercise. But none of them offer the overall fitness training that is an ingrained part of Martial Arts training. Regular Karate encompasses yoga, strength training, callisthenics, aerobics, flexibility training and so much more.

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