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Blog KENTUCKIANA SHOTOKAN KARATE-DO Top 10 Reasons All Women  Should Study Karate

I’ve met some great people in the realm of Karate. A lot of those people were the amazing women I train with. I have my own reasons for studying Karate as I’m sure everyone does. Some of those reasons transcend gender and are equally beneficial regardless of gender. Things like development of character, promotion of healthy lifestyle changes, improved awareness of your own body, and an increased respect for other practitioners.

There are some reasons that really benefit the female Martial Artists. Here are the top 10;

10. Everyone qualifies to study karate

You have no excuse. No one is too old, too overweight, to weak, too short, too tall or too anything to study and excel to limitless heights in the art of Karate.

9. You become a part of a global family of highly supportive women (and men)

Joining a dojo is like joining a great family. Immediately the other members become your support, your cheerleaders and your fellow classmates. You also are initiated into a global tight-knit community of fellow martial arts enthusiasts.

      8. Helps prevent sexual abuse/attacks, rape, sexism, by teaching you to defend yourself

Among other things, becoming proficient in Karate let's your opponent know that you are not  going down           easily and that if they want to continue their attack, there will be serious consequences on their part!

     7.  It builds discipline

When you’re in a class of people encouraging you to push on when you want to stay home it helps  you          develop a consistency in attendance and we all know the foundation of discipline is being consistent          when you don’t want to be.

     6. Enhances your ability to sense danger

Learning to sense an oncoming attack becomes second          nature with regular Karate training. We call it Zanshen.

     5. Proves you can be a strong AND feminine

Karate training proves that you don’t have to be prissy and          soft to be feminine. You can be dainty and dangerous at the          same time.

     4.  Reduces stress

Learning to execute powerful strikes and kicks on a punching          bag or attack dummy will release way more stress than a          glass of wine…or even a bottle.

     3. Increases stamina, strength, muscle tone, flexibility

Aside from learning self-defense, the regular drills during class increase stamina more than a hard-core          spin class. The new enthusiasm and craze over plyometrics strength training and calisthenics have been          typical parts of Karate training for centuries. Nothing new. You’ll gain as much flexibility from karate          training as you would from years of yoga training.

     2. Improves Self-confidence & Self-esteem

Society has tried to convince women that if they don’t fit into a specific box then they are less than          adequate. Women that study Karate inevitably learn how powerful they are…emotionally, physically and          psychologically.

     1. Allows you to face your fiercest opponent-yourself

For most women, they are their own worst critic. Karate training allows you to prove to that critic that you          are powerful and capable.

We take a lot of pride in the training at our dojo. We believe in the effectiveness of traditional Karate with a lot of laughs thrown in. Our classes are exciting and challenging. Come by and check us out, join in on a class to see what you think. I promise you’ll learn a lot and have some fun!